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We live in an alco-centric society. It’s everywhere! Good day? Cap it off with a nice drink. Bad day? Poor you, have a pint. Big occasion? Well, you’ve got to have a couple, haven’t you? On a date? Birthday? Work social? Evening in? Night out? Bored? Awkward? Tired? You get the picture.
DID YOU KNOW foregoing our nightly tipple, even just for a few weeks, can lead to a life of: deeper sleep, improved skin, fresher skin, more energy and extra cash. So whether you’re a Daily Tippler, a Weekender, an Unwinder or a Both Ends of the Candle-er Try Dry – with its invaluable resources from the experts at Alcohol Change UK – is your ticket to a hangover-free month and more. Go on. Give it a try.

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