Don’t You Just Hate That?

Don’t you just hate people who view karaoke as their chance to shine? Sitting in a chair that’s shorter than anyone else’s? Holding the ketchup bottle over your French fries and the first thing that comes out is red water? Trading bad date stories with someone you’re having a bad date with? In 2004, Scott Cohen wrote the first edition of Don’t You Just Hate That?, a backlist gem with 159,000 copies in print. But while the rest of us moved on, occasionally muttering under our breath at all the things that aggravated us, Scott never stopped adding to his finely honed list, and voila–Don’t You Just Hate That?, Second Edition, an update both timely and timeless, now with 904 of life’s little annoyances, irritations, gripes, grievances, and petty pretensions. A true connoisseur of the vexatious, Scott Cohen returns with a selection of exasperating things, people, situations, complaints, and attitudes that everyone who’s ever had a bad day can appreciate. Like: Watching a movie with your parents that shows full-frontal nudity.

Having to make that face to people in the hallway that implies “Hey.”

When it takes a scissors to open a plastic package that the scissors is in.

Yoga instructors who smoke.

Pop-up ads that offer the removal of pop-up ads.

That bacon will never be considered a vegetable.

When everything a cynic warns you about is happening.

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