Don’t Even Think About It!

It’s a grim fact that the world isn’t as nice as it used to be. People are ruder, more greedy, more selfish and more violent. And even though those hardback retro books with flock covers and embossed titles look nice, they won’t help turn back the clock. Making a pin-hole camera, skimming stones and whittling wood isn’t going to bring world peace. In fact, the world is only made more dangerous by people making their own bunsen burners and careering down hills in soap-box carts. Well, here’s an alternative book for boys – although it won’t just rubbish the things that Dad did. Though if you can build a tree house along the lines suggested by certain authors, you’re better off moving to South London and starting a loft extension business. The book will also have useful suggestions for skills to acquire that will actually help you as you grow up, namely: how to tell decent jokes, three essential chords on the guitar, how to drill a hole and put a rawl plug in it, how to play pool, and how to learn the half-volley in any sport.

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